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Welcome to The Homebody Catalogues

What's going on? Welcome to The Homebody Catalogues and thanks for checking out my site. My name is Jasmine and I am a self-proclaimed homebody. A little bit about me is I'm a Florida-born girl who's moved around quite a bit (we'll get into that). I graduated from Spelman college with my bachelor's in Economics and currently work in tech. In my free time, I enjoy cooking for others, listening to a podcast, playing with my dog, or doing something creative. I prefer wine bars and lounges over the club any day. I believe that pineapples belong on pizza (fight me) and I live for a good Pinterest board.

Over the years, I've grown to not only like my own space but appreciate that space. Anyone who knows me knows anytime they come to visit snacks, drinks, music, blankets, and more are waiting for you. I was raised that whenever anyone is in your home they should feel comfortable and welcomed. On top of that, I enjoy making my space nice and chic. I'm the queen of decorating a space and doing it on a budget. So one day my best friend suggested I start a blog talking about my decorating tips and design ideas. As I began to work on this I slowly realized there's so much more that I would want to share. I'm home so often and I'm always wanting to tell someone about a new show I watched, a new meal I just cooked, or a drink I just tried out. I want to share how I'm feeling and share some ways that we can always be striving for our higher selves. There are clearly so many things to talk about with you my fellow homebodies so grab a glass of your beverage of choice and go on this journey with me!



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