Travel With Me: Turkey Yacht Week

Welcome back, friends!

Long time no talk but I must admit it's been a bit of a whirlwind. I recently got back from traveling to Turkey for yacht week traveling through the Turkish islands. Of course, I just had to come back with a stomach bug which put me out of the game for a while. BUT I'M BACK!

Now let's talk about Yacht Week. It was a DREAM and dare I say the best vacation I've ever been on in my life. What is yacht week you ask? Yacht week is where you sail to different islands for a week straight. You can either do a public one where you party with strangers or a private one like we did where you party with who you came with. It typically comes with a staff (cleaning, chef, bartender, etc). I didn't really know what I was signing up for when I agreed to go but it surpassed my expectations. I believe this was the first time I truly understood the difference between a "trip" and a "vacation".

Let me explain:

A trip = having to book a hotel, decide where to eat every day, find where to get drinks, etc.

A vacation = not having to lift a finger whatsoever and napping whenever you like only to wake up to your favorite drink already waiting for you

It was planned by ladies from the Kellogg MBA program and they did an excellent job setting up airport transportation, color coordinated nights (because what's a trip with black people without some sort of color coordination) to our farewell dinner which was spectacular. We had a jewel color-themed welcome reception, a neon night boat party, blue and white small group finners, and a neutral-themed farewell dinner. You can bet your money I will be looking forward to doing this again.

Of course, I HAVE to share a few places we went.

- Welcome reception was at the Marmara hotel

- Nighttime festivities at Naxos beach club

-Daytime and nighttime festivities at D Maris Beach Club

-Farewell Dinner at Isola Restaurant (This was one of THE most beautiful places I've ever been)

Look out for my next post where I go over all your "Need to Knows" before heading to Yacht week!

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