Studio Apartment: How to make your Studio apartment appear spacious and comfortable

Updated: Sep 13

The past few months have been pretty crazy! I MOVED TO NEW YORK CITY. If you don't already know the New York rental market is insane right now but I was able to snag myself a pretty cool studio apartment. My building is a fairly older building with an elevator, doorman, and washer/dryer in building. Now that i'm moved in it's time to spruce up the place and make it mine. However, the challenge presents itself with it being a studio apartment. That doesn't mean you can't make it spacious! I'm here to tell you how.

Tip #1 - Colors, Colors, Colors

Sticking to lighter colors such as stark white, light gray, pastel pink, or pastel baby blue are all colors that can look great in tiny spaces. The color white opens up a space and provides a calming experience. It also keeps your apartment cooler versus all black which heats up more during the summer time which can even help with your bills at the end of the month. For example, I emphasized the color white in my new space with the items below:

Tip #2 - Dividers creates the illusion of a separate space

The great thing about dividers is they give your space some privacy if you have visitors over and it mentally gives you the illusion that you are in a separate space. There's a few ways you can go about it by using bookshelves, curtains, or an actual divider. If you really want to optimize your space using a bookshelf is a great option since you'll also have additional storage space. If you use curtains it gives it more of a spa feel which you can use wires or a clothing rack and add the curtains to that. Some places even have dividers that come with shelves on them which is also great for additional use. You can see some examples below:

This is the one that I have in my apartment

Tip #3 - Vertical Storage emphasis on Vertical

It's important to be mindful of your floor space when living in a studio apartment. Instead of buying multiple items try buying items that have a variety use that are vertical. Desks that are higher up with shelves, floating shelves, coat hanger with shoe storage, or high beds with built in storage. For example, I bought an over the bed storage from Urban Outfitters and a desk that has three shelves over it.

Tip #4 - Mirrors

A mirror can make any space seem larger because it gives an illusion of an additional wall or window. Not only do they open up a space but it never hurts to check yourself out before stepping out . Examples are below:

Tip #5 - Plants never hurt anyone

I truly believe plants in a home can really living a place up. I'm a huge fan of hanging plants or vines in a studio apartment. To me - with such a small place having a plant that represents continuous growth is a nice touch. Personally, I need to work on my plant mom life since I've killed a few but it's a work in progress.

Remember to minimize space by emphasizing storage and versatility. A studio apartment can be comfortable and spacious but you have to be strategic about the furniture you buy. Once I get my apartment together i'll be sharing an apartment tour! Until next time my fellow homebodies.

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