Updated: Sep 13

How to organize your fridge but on a budget - Let me show you

Anyone who knows me well knows I am constantly changing things around my home. My family and friends always joke that my decor and furniture are always different. I can't help myself! Once an Idea comes to my mind - I need to try it out immediately. One night I was scrolling through my Pinterest to gain some organizational inspiration because my kitchen is a mess( I will link my Pinterest on here so you all can see my boards as well). So I decided to give my fridge a little makeover first. I will eventually work on my cabinets and drawers in the upcoming weeks. So how can you accomplish the look you're going for while also staying on a budget? Let me tell you!

There are more expensive options if you prefer more name-brand items. The Container Store even makes it easy for you by selling a starter kit. The starter kit sells for around $160 to $260. As great as that sounds - I cannot afford that. So I made my way to the nearest Marshalls and HomeGoods. Every item that you see in the pictures is $6.99 or below. The water jug is the only item that did not come from Marshalls or HomeGoods. The water jug came from Target's dollar section for $3. All in all, I spent around $30 on everything to achieve my goal.

I suggest taking inventory of all of your groceries before heading to the store. By doing this, it will help you decipher what you need and what you don't need. Before going to the store, I even took a few pictures that I liked so I knew what colors, sizes, or containers that were appealing to me the most. Anyone can make their home organized and chic while staying on budget! Please feel free to share some pictures of your fridges and ask any questions you may have. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with within their kitchens.

On that note, I hope all my fellow homebodies have a great weekend!

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