My Top 5 Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas: Under $30

Updated: Sep 13

Welcome back my fellow Homebodies! I took a little break but I am back at it. How could I miss the most wonderful time of the year?

I can only imagine that during this time of the year there's ugly Christmas sweater parties, Christmas parties, white elephant exchanges, and secret Santas. The invites are endless between family, friends, and work. If you're anything like me - you're probably trying to figure out what you're going to get as a secret Santa gift that's under the budget but still looks like you put SOME effort into it. Look no further my friends - I am here to help you out. Check out some of my best secret Santa Christmas gift ideas that won't put a dent in your wallet but just might give you some cool points during this years' secret Santa.

First one up is this Cantina Big Glass Mug from CB2. It's only $4.99 so if you want you can always buy more than one and make it a set. They're super chic and modern but something that your secret Santa can use on a daily basis. I have two similar glass coffee mugs from Nespresso and I absolutely love mine.

Next is the Mae Champagne Gold Cocktail Shaker from CB2. I have been DYING to get my hands on this and just might by it for myself for Christmas. This is the cutest cocktail shaker and perfect for someone who loves a fancy bar cart. The best part is the cocktail shaker is only $29.95. Not only will you be the coolest co-worker, friend, or family member but you just might be able to benefit from it too when you both make a drink together.

An Essential Oil Diffuser from Amazon is a must. If you know you're secret Santa loves being at home or are really into candles this could be a great gift option! Who doesn't love to turn one of these bad boys on after you just finished cleaning your home? The best part is - it's only $26.99.

Now who doesn't love a candle? I feel like.a candle is always a safe but good gift. I try to stick with either holiday smells or something gentle. The easiest way to mess up candles as a gift is to buy the strongest fragrances. That is a no no. This Williams Sonoma Lavendar Cedarwood candle is super cute and the scent smells great. It's below $20 which is way lower than the budget. I don't think you can go wrong with this option.

Last but not least - These Level Wine Glasses are amazing. I've had my eyes on these wine glasses for a while and they are only $13.95 each. Just imagine you're secret Santa pulling these glasses out of their cabinets for their guests. Ugh - Beautiful to see.

I hope this helps just a tiny bit! I would love to see everyone else's gifts or what you buy for your secret Santa gifts. See ya next time my fellow homebodies.

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