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Updated: Sep 13

I want to start off this Friday by expressing my gratitude for all of the support this past week! My best friend in June told me I should share my ideas with others. After she left, I started working on THC but wanted to make it just right. To be honest, I'd consider myself a pretty private person when it comes to social media. So sharing my home and my thoughts is a really nerve-wracking thought for me. However, I am happy I did. However, Once I got over my fear of sharing imposter syndrome slowly crept in. I started thinking what if no one likes it? What if it's not helpful? What if I'm just kidding myself? I want everyone to know you can do anything you want to do. Whether your ideas are big or small it's achievable. It takes just taking that first step. Write it down, say it aloud, or tell a friend. Once you do that, your ideas are now out in the world which is the hardest part.

I wanted to celebrate The Homebody Catalogues and say goodbye to imposter syndrome. So what's a better way to celebrate than a wine night and charcuterie boards? Absolutely nothing in my personal opinion. Especially if it involves me getting to stay home and not spending a lot of money! So a few of the ladies from an event that I attended earlier that day came by for wine night and brought a few bottles themselves! It was so much fun to create a space where everyone felt comfortable to be their authentic selves. We laughed, talked, danced, ate, and everything in between. I left the evening feeling so warm inside knowing that I'm doing something I love and getting to share it with others.

Here's a little video we made for the night:

Are you wondering how you can throw a wine night on a budget? Well let me let you in on a little secret -Everything in the picture below was $10 or under except for two items and the wine. To be more specific - all the items were more so around the $5 range than anything else. All of the items came from Target either in their dollar section or in their clearance section outside of the plant in the middle. Something to always look for when you're planning events or shopping, in general, is to look for items that are reusable. You want to buy items that can be used every day but are also perfect for the occasion so that you are getting the most bang for your buck. Once you have your items for the table set up the next part is easy! Grab all the fruits, crackers, jams, meat, and nuts that you like. I used Pinterest for inspiration on how to place everything. If you want to go the extra mile you can even find out which wines pair well with certain foods. I will add some pictures for inspiration on the mood board page if you need ideas for your own wine night. Make your way to the nearest store, grab your items, and put together something great. I would love to see what you all come up with as well.

Check out the before and after pictures below! I'll also list the prices of everything at the end.



We even had cupcakes shaped in the letter H for The Homebody Catalogues courtesy of my friend Kris.

One that note, I hope y'all have an amazing weekend my fellow homebodies and until next time!


Charcuterie board - $11.99

Lanterns - $5

Rectangular wood board - $5

Pumpkin candles - $3

White pumpkins - $1

Wine cups - $5 some are even for $3

Fall plant - $5

Plates - $2

Bowl - $8

Napkins - $5

Plant in the middle - $19.99

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