How To Recreate The Modern Tropical Look In Your Own Home: Colombia Edition

Updated: Sep 13

Everyone say it with me: It's Colombia NOT Columbia!

Colombia vs Bolivia World cup qualifier

Hi Homebodies,

I'm back after taking a 10-day vacation in the beautiful country of Colombia. I traveled through their capital Bogota to Medellin and lastly to Cartegena. Colombia owes me nothing after one of the best trips I've ever had. The food was good, the music was good, and the decor was even better. Now before I tell you about the decor - I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't tell you about the best restaurant we visited. It's called Don Juan in Cartegena and it was so good I had to go back twice before I left. You must try their crab claws, fish tacos, and their braised oxtails. When I tell you I felt something in my soul I'm not even joking.

Okay so now that I got that off my chest let me tell you what I'm here for!

I was so inspired by some of the decors in Colombia and wanted to share them with you all. So many times while I was there I would think "hmm I know where I can find something similar to that" and so I want to share how you can replicate the looks of Colombia's restaurants in your actual homes. One of the first places I wanted to show you is my favorite restaurant Don Juan in Cartegena. I love the rattan armchairs, light fixtures, and coffee table. I think having the wheels under the flower pot is so genius, especially when handling such large plants like the one in the photo. If you keep sliding you can see another rattan outdoor flower pot which was so nice to tie in the theme.

Are you wondering where you can find these same items? Well, let me show you.

  1. Ikea has soo many rattan light fixtures that I die for when I see them. The first one in the slide is called the Sinnerlig pendant lamp It was $89.99 and it has a black accent to it. I think it would be great if you didn't want it to be all cream. If you're anything like me you just can't run away from the color black. To me - it's a must.

  2. The second one in the slide is the Torared pendant lamp and it's more on the affordable side at $29.99. To me - this one is the most similar to the one at Don Juan.

  3. The third one in the slide is called the Gottorp pendant lamp it's also more on the affordable side at $39.99. As far as the shape I think it's very similar to the one at Don Juan.

  4. The last one is for the homebodies that might have a bit more room in the budget and like a splash and black in the room. I love this pendant from Urban Outfitters called the Ingrid Rattan Pendant Light. Surprisingly enough it's only $39.99 which is not bad for Urban. That's one of my favorites.

Now for the chairs, I wanted to add two options - one if you wanted a touch of black and one if you are aiming for more of the monochrome look.

My personal favorite is the black with the beige rattan touches. You can find this chair on Wayfair's website. It's called the Graham dining chair in Natural. It's made by Tommy Hilfer and it's priced at $159 on sale. Don't be discouraged that it's a dining chair nobody needs to know. So you can put it wherever you like and people will sit down just fine. The second chair is also a cutie and it's from Ikea. It's called the Buskbo armchair surprisingly it's more expensive than Wayfair and Ikea tends to be more on the cheaper side. Hmm, maybe inflation? Either way, it's too cute and I believe I've seen this chair in real life. I would love for someone to have this in their home because it's too cute to sit in a store and gather dust.

Okay, so now that we have our chairs and light fixture we just need a few more things to tie this in a bow. Coffee tables are a must and I want to present two options once again for the people who want a touch of black (me) and for the cream monochrome look.

I am a fan of both of these and don't think you can go wrong either way. The first one is a black rattan coffee table called Harmati coffee table I found on Amazon for $159.99 and it's eligible for Prime shipping. If you're interested they also have cool side tables to match it. The second is also a vibe it's called the Anmytek coffee table also found on amazon priced at $148 which is a bit cheaper than the black table.

For accessories purposes, I would also throw in a cute basket to be on the side of the chairs for throwing blankets, magazines, toys, etc. I love the two baskets below. The first one is from Ikea called Sninad and it was priced at 29.99 which is a steal. Honestly, I feel like you can't find anything cheaper than that in even Homegoods or Ross these days. The other basket is a cutie from Target that an I'm a fan of. This one is called the Rope basket and it's priced at $29.75 on sale. I've seen this basket in person as well and I try to find reasons to buy it every time. So for me, I need someone to have this basket and enjoy it. They also have it in a cream color which I also think is a vibe!

Last but not least - you have to have plants! I mean plants in a home make the world go round. Now, I won't ever be the one to suggest live plants because I took my neighbors' plants when they moved and they survived about a week under my supervision. However, faux plants are never a bad idea. I love the plant below it's called the Fejka plant or also known as birds of paradise ( do not know why we would need to seek Ikeas counsel on that) nevertheless, this plant is so cute and I think it would complete the look. It was only $79.99 at Ikea and it's very easy to carry. I know because I picked it up myself. To complete the plant look you gotta get a good modern plant pot. The set below is from West Elm called the Fluted planters and they come in black and cream. I love these because they added texture while also not having such loud colors. I even think an olive tree would be great in these planters as well.

Well everyone that's a wrap on the "How to" look for Don Juan's restaurant but next week I will post a "How to" inspired by another place I went to in Colombia that has a Japanese theme to it.

Until next time my fellow homebodies!

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