How To Create Your Own At Home Spa: On A Budget

Updated: Sep 13

Welcome back Homebodies! I'm super excited about this post because I can't wait for you all have an at home experience of your home. When I lived in Dallas, Texas I was pretty stressed out especially towards the end of my time there. I would try different things to unwind but nothing was really doing the trick. So I decided to vent to one of my close friends and she gave me an idea that changed my life. She gave me an idea on how to create my own "at home spa" experience and to unwind after a VERY long day. Continue reading to learn everything you need and why in order to create this experience for yourself.

1.Eucalyptus Plant

Eucalyptus is a key item in this mission for an at home spa experience. You can tie it around your shower head that way the steam can create the eucalyptus smell in the bathroom. Trader Joes sells these in a bouquet for $2.99 and you can also go to Instacart where they sell it online for $4.99. Both options are super cheap purchases and it will last about 2-3 weeks.


The main use for the candles is of course smell BUT the most important point is that this will be your main source of light. Yes, you will be showering or bathing in the dark. Turn off all of your lights and make sure you light three to four candles. This was everything to me. Having all of the lights off and seeing the flickering lights from the candles after a long day was imperative.


You need a good playlist to set the mood just right. The music can't be too loud, too fast, too sad, etc. I created a playlist called my "chill playlist" which you can find in my bio on instagram or by searching my name on Apple Music. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.

4.Comfy Robe

You have to got to have a robe to wrap around you when you decide to hop out of the tub or shower. Is it really an at home experience without a robe? No. I suggest going to Amazon because they are at most $20. For some reason these tend to be more expensive on other websites. Now if you don't want a white robe or have a white rob you can always throw on your favorite jammies. The name of the game is wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in. This experience is all about you.

5. Aromatherapy Lotion & Body Wash

Now maybe I'm cheap and if I am I solely own it. However, my heart drops a little every time I realize that the aromatherapy line is not for sale during Bath & Body Works annual sale. I totally get why it's not because this stuff is GOLD. Not only does it smell delicious but you will feel all of the stress leave your body when you use the body wash and body lotion. This is a key ingredient in your at home spa experience. I need everyone to run and not walk to Bath & Body Works.

6.Face Mask

Ladies & Gents what's a spa experience without the infamous face mask. This is an opportunity for your creativity to shine. You can always make an at home face mask or you can buy one from he store. The cheap me is going to jump out and suggest the $1.99 masks at Target. However, I will say the face mask by Bliss and Glossier are gems as well. Bliss has a pink and cloudy mask that feels soft as a pillow.


Now last but not least is having your drink of choice to sip on during your mask or afterwards while in bed. I suggest a glass of water with lemon because it's always good to go to bed feeling hydrated and the lemon is good for your skin. However, a glass of red wine never hurt anyone.

Now that you have all the ingredients for your at home spa experience I hope that you are able to unwind after a long day or before the Sunday scares. On that note, See ya later homebodies!

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