Fall Apartment Decor... But on a Budget

Updated: Sep 13

Welcome my fellow Homebodies!

I want to start by saying fall is hands down one of my favorite seasons. Fall brings the nice cool breeze, red leaves, pumpkins, hoodies, and more. I can go on and on for days how much I look forward to this time of year. One thing I can do without is the cliche decorations that come along with this season. I believe it's safe to say what type of decorations I am talking about without much description. You know - the "Hello fall" signs, the multiple pumpkins spread everywhere, and the typical fall sayings all around the house. I think there's a way to say "It's fall but keep it cute" without the fluff.

This year, I decided to decorate by honing on fall colors and sprinkling them around the home. The colors I focused on were white, brown, burnt orange, and beige. I did not spend a lot of money on any of the items. Everything I bought came from Target's dollar section, Home goods, or re-used items around the home.

On my coffee table, I re-used a food tray my boyfriend bought me a year ago. On the tray, I have a plate from Target along with the white rocks. Both items came from Target's clearance section. The flower and candles were from Target's dollar section along with a candle from Home Goods.

For my couch, I found a burnt orange throw from Target's kid's section. Yes, you can definitely look in the kids section even if you are a full grown up. They have some good stuff as long as you know how to spin it. The pillows I bought as a pair from Home Goods. I wanted something big and fluffy to lay on after a long day.

The side table came in a set from Facebook market place. It's actually my favorite part of my entire apartment. The Chanel and Interior design books both came from Amazon. The wheat grass came from Trader Joe's in their flower section. Trader Joe's is home to all gems.

I didn't want to overdo it on my bar cart so I found these cute cups from Target's dollar section. The cup coasters I bought from Target's clearance section about six months ago. Although I didn't - you can always add a nice picture on the cart or a modern pumpkin (Target has some great ones in their dollar section).

On my kitchen island, I re-used a tray from Target from their dollar section. On the tray is a fall plant from Target. They have plenty of other options that I think would be great here as well. Next to the fall plant is a candle from Home Goods. The vase is an old wine bottle I had where I ripped off the labels. The artificial wheat plants came from Trader Joe's flower section and the pampas grass I bought from Amazon. The bead decor is also from Amazon.

As you can see from above - I LOVE TARGET. However, just as much as I love Target I love a deal. I never want to spend a ton of money on items that are seasonal. Please check out my instagram and mood board page for additional pictures. I would love to see what you all did for the fall as well! Please share your pictures with me.

Have a great weekend my fellow homebodies! Until next time.

Prices for everything below:

First picture -

Plate $2.99

Plant $3

Candle in plate $3

White rocks $5

Sand + Fog candle $6.99

White vase $20

Second picture -

Throw blanket $10

Pillows $19.99

Third picture -

Wheat grass $2.99

Chanel book $20

Interior design book $12

Clear vase $15

Fourth picture -

Wine glasses $3

Plant $5

Coasters $3.99

Wine holder $12

Bar cart $120

Fifth picture -

Black tray $5

Decor beads $12

Plant $5

Candle $12.99

Wheat grass $2.99

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