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How to transform your bathroom into a spa: Self care at home

One thing about me is I love self care. My favorite time of the day is showering at night before bed. My skin routine, music playing, candles burning, etc. It all feels so right.

I think one of the best forms of loving yourself and taking care of yourself physically. To me, that means taking time at the end of the day to pamper myself. I turn on my chill playlist and I light candles. Sometimes if you really want to create an ambience I would like a few candles and turn the lights off. Anytime i've had a long day or just needed some me time this is one of the ways i've done so.

What I use in the shower:

Just as much as I have a face routine I also have a body routine in the shower. I'm not going to into how I shower because I truly hope we all know to clean behind your ears and in between your toes. However, the products that I truly enjoy are dove's body scrub , Naturium body wash , and a deep pore cleansing face wash. I use a loufa, wash cloth, and a back scrub brush (I also use this throughout my body for exfoliation). To make the shower experience a bit better you can also use eucalyptus over the showerhead or aromatherapy shower steamer balls.

What goes on outside of the shower:

Music is the language of my heart

I feel the world can be full of chaos some days and on the days that everything is moving fast I really appreciate chill/soulful music. I turn on one of my favorite playlist - I actually created one specifically for my showers. After that's set up I light a few candles and turn the lights off so I can take a nice shower in the dark. The candles light up the bathroom enough to create a nice ambience.

What goes on after the shower:

After the shower is one of the most important parts. I remember watching a vlog by Adrienne Bailon one day and she was talking about how she pampers herself. She mentioned how she wears lingerie/nice pajamas for herself to feel pretty. After I do my face routine, I like to lotion my whole body (Jergens only) and put on a nice set of pajamas. I love slippers as well and I end the night with a little perfume to make myself smell even better.

Gotta love on yourself however you see fit. This is one of my favorite forms of self care and it also helps boost my self esteem as well because I always feel pretty, clean, and smell great afterwards.



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