Amazon Prime Day Finds: Apartment Style

Updated: Sep 13

I think I can speak for all of us when I say there's no better feeling than getting the notification that your Amazon delivery arrived. That feeling only intensifies during Amazon prime day when that delivery was on a DISCOUNT. Well, I'd like to share that I thoroughly enjoyed myself this Amazon prime day. For those who don't know I recently moved to New York. I like my apartment and my neighborhood but i'd be lying if I said it didn't need a bit of sprucing up. So with that being said I decided to share some things that I bought this Prime day. Also should you see anything that fancies you feel free to check out this link here to my Amazon storefront where you can purchase them directly.

So first thing up on the dock is this fluffy sheepskin rug. Now - I decided to use it for my closet because it looked like a dungeon and I wanted more of a luxurious vibe. However, I think it could also be really cute for right by your bed or under your desk.

The next item I bought was these LED battery powered lights. These are some versatile lights that I think are super renter friendly. So I personally used them in my closet once again to spruce it up BUT they would be great for over the bed, on your desk, storage closet, or even under the sink lighting. They were really easy to assemble and were very bright. You can see a glimpse of them here in my closet.

I recently started a new job so I wanted to buy a few things to make my work from home space better. My desk is all white and I wanted my items to either be acrylic or white as well. I bought this BEAUTIFUL acrylic laptop stand that creates more space for me but looks modern as well.Acrylic items are definitely in right now and I love it because they provide space without looking like it's taking up space at all. It's honestly a win win.

In addition to the acrylic laptop stand I also invested in this bluetooth keyboard and mouse set. It was perfect for the goal I was trying to accomplish. Honestly, in my opinion it looks like something you would buy from the mac store but instead it was around $20 on Amazon so you can't beat that. It does require double A batteries that doesn't come included but that's not anything a good ole Target run can't save.

Last but not least I wanted to share these under the sink storages. If y'all are anything like me I am good for just piling stuff up under the sink. I used to think well it's under the sink nobody is going to see it but organization is for no one but you. You gotta treat your space right. So in that spirit I bought these under the sink shelves and it made a world of a difference for my cleaning products.

I bought plenty more but I will share that next time! I hope all my fellow homebodies enjoy your week and spread some joy.

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